Help HEET measure gas leaks!

Tamer Srouji and David Lees taking a chamber measurement of a gas leak
July 1, 2024

We're looking for volunteers to help with outdoor gas leak measurement this summer.

Five years ago, utilities and HEET implemented our Shared Action Plan for fixing the biggest gas leaks. Now we're ready to evaluate how much methane pollution we stopped. We'll be measuring gas leaks this summer to see how the size of the leaks has changed since the new leak repair process began.

What's it like?
We're looking for volunteers to help us measure leaks using the chamber method, which is the gold standard for measuring gas leaks. (We'll also be evaluating leak size using the leak extent method, as reported by utilities and verified by Gas Safety Inc.). If you come chambering, you'll be outdoors all morning with a team of several people, placing plastic chambers on the ground and measuring the gas concentration over time.

This might sound familiar to people who have been involved with HEET for a long time! We did a lot of chambering before the Shared Action Plan, so we'll be able to compare before and after.

Want to help? Here's the signup form.

We hope to see you soon!