Gas to Geo Resource Hub

What Is Gas to Geo?

HEET’s gas-to-geo pathway—based on single-pipe, ambient-temperature geothermal networks—is a practical, efficient, and exciting technological evolution that modernizes delivery of home heating and cooling.

Artistic depiction of geothermal loops beneath different types of buildings.

Gas to Geo Wiki

This wiki is a platform for individuals to share and access information on networked geothermal systems.

Networked Geothermal Toolkit

This set of resources helps leaders and organizers begin the process of implementing geothermal networks in their community.

Learning From The Ground Up

LeGUp is a group of researchers studying geothermal networking projects and collecting information to help accelerate the gas-to-geo transition.

Kickstart Massachusetts

With $450,000 from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, HEET established Kickstart Mass to fund feasibility studies for Massachusetts communities that have displayed interest in implementing geothermal networks.

Community Charrettes

Since 2021, HEET has been bringing diverse stakeholders together in ‘charrettes’ to consider the different aspects of networked geothermal, surface potential problems, and solve them together.