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Image from the gas leaks map: Map of Massachusetts showing hundreds of gas leaks.

The Gas Leaks Map

Explore the locations of gas leaks near you and the emissions they are responsible for. Every year we create this map detailing the state of all reported gas leaks in the distribution system across the state. See if you can find the oldest leak.

2021/2022 Leak Survey of Philadelphia, PA

In the summer of 2021 and 2022, HEET commissioned Gas Safety Inc. to perform two gas leak surveys in Philadelphia using a high‐precision vehicle‐mounted methane analyzer.  HEET analyzed the leak survey data and found a total of 383 leaks along 1,533 miles of roads, for an average of 4 leaks per mile. Similar surveys of Boston in 2013 and Washington, DC in 2021 found 4.2 and 4.7 leaks per mile, respectively. Both these cities are of similar gas infrastructure age and density to Philadelphia.

2021 Leak Survey of Washington, DC

From April through June, 2021, Gas Safety Inc, Professor Nathan Phillips and HEET Director, Dominic Nicholas, collaborated on a gas leak survey of residential neighborhoods in Washington DC and identified 3,346 leaks on the gas distribution system. These results are being used by DC’s Department of Energy and Environment to help inform policy development for a strategic transition toward decarbonized heating and electrification.

Massachusetts Gas Pipe Replacement

Explore the locations of upcoming pipe replacement projects – part of a $40 billion project you’ve probably never heard of. This is a first of its kind statewide map visualizing the scale and costs of this project.

Want networked geothermal on your street? Add yourself to our map!

We’re collecting data to create a visual database of public interest in geothermal networks. We’ll share this map with gas utilities, legislators, and regulators. The more of us showing that we want this low-cost, safe, and healthy clean energy for our futures, the greater the impact.

Gas Leaks at Massachusetts School Properties

Using utility annual reports for 2021, this new statewide analysis explores the extent to which leaks are proximate to schools. During 2021, 91 schools in Massachusetts had a reported gas leak in a gas main or service line at the school property. Thirty-one of those leaks were graded as hazardous, all of which were repaired and most within the same day.